Preview: The Oscars 2012

After weeks of anticipation, tonight is the 84th annual Academy Awards and Hollywood is abuzz with speculation over which nominees will triumph and which will be left sitting in their chairs, politely applauding the winner for the cameras. Set to be hosted for the ninth time by Billy Crystal, the event will once more be the focal point of Tinseltown, the results undoubtedly prepared to cause a stir in controversy that’ll get people talking tomorrow.

Following the BAFTA ceremony a few weeks prior, a wide range of films are being represented at the Oscars with some notable snubs which are to be expected by now. Generally, the two lists between BAFTA and Oscar nominations are pretty much mirror copies of one another, with certain films cropping up a multitude of times over various categories. What is to be admired about the ceremonies though is the attention cast on some of the smaller productions, with Iranian film A Separation causing a lot of buzz in the foreign language film and original screenplay categories. Drawing eyeballs to such a relatively unattractive picture to a casual public audience, the majority of the snubs for stellar films that were thrown bones such as Drive (up for best sound editing) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (nominated solely for best visual effects) as well as the non-appearance for break-out star Michael Fassbender are somewhat more forgivable considering the positives of celebrating smaller movies.

Obviously most interest for the ceremony lies in the heavyweight battle between George Clooney family comedy The Descendants and critics’ favourite The Artist, with both having swept the previous awards shows as depicted in these images. Nominated in four categories together while also appearing in a wealth of other categories separately, these movies are the picks to walk away with the lion’s share of awards at this year’s Oscars. Having already duelled at the BAFTAs with The Artist besting Clooney’s vehicle by running away with seven awards from twelve nominations in comparison to The Descendants going home with nothing, those involved with The Descendants will be hoping for more recognition for their efforts after being championed in the press. With five nominations for the film in comparison to The Artist’s ten, Clooney in particular will want the Academy to be more favourable to his flick, especially in the highly esteemed best actor category.

Outside of this battle, a dark-horse to scoop up a bevy of awards is Martin Scorsese’s Hugo with the most nominations in eleven categories and Meryl Streep is widely regarded to dominate the best actress category as she did at the BAFTAs from her role in The Iron Lady, despite hefty competition from Rooney Mara and Viola Davis from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Help respectively. Regardless of who wins and who loses tonight though, chances are there will be controversy and debates surrounding the winners around the global water cooler that is social media, with Twitter expected to be swarming with Oscar-related Tweets. If you somehow manage to miss the ceremony, I will be back tomorrow with the winners and analysis, particularly surrounding the battle between The Artist and The Descendants.



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